WORLD ART RESEARCH SEMINAR Art History & World Art Studies

Autumn 2016.

SCVA Lecture Theatre (SCVA 01.10), Wednesdays 5-7pm: FREE to attend. ALL WELCOME!

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Sep. 28 - How and Why did Figurative Art and Music Appear in the Archaeological Record 40,000 years ago? Prof. Nicholas Conard, Abteilung Ältere Urgeschichte und Quatärökologie, University of Tübingen


Oct. 5 - Unreason and the Archaeology of Silence. Prof. Dana Arnold, Art History and World Art Studies, UEA


Oct. 12 - Voices of the Dead: Sculpture and Ventriloquism in the Middle Ages. Dr. Jessica Barker, Art History and World Art Studies, UEA


Oct. 19 - Global Post-Impressionism. Dr. Sam Rose, School of Art History, University of St Andrews


Oct. 26 - Imagined Communities in the Greater Mapungubwe Landscape. Dr. Ceri Ashley, SRU Visiting Research Fellow


Nov. 2 - Diverse and Distinct: Figurative Objects from Cyprus during the Middle – Late Bronze Age Transition. Dr. Daisy Knox, Dept. of Archaeology, University of Manchester




Nov. 16 - Human and Divine. Red Garnets and Religious Jewellery in the West during Byzantine Iconoclasm. Dr. Francesca dell’Acqua, Marie Curie Fellow, Centre for Byzantine, Ottoman and Modern Greek Studies, University of Birmingham


Nov. 23 - Monumental Paintings on the Fly. Vivienne Koorland, Artist (Cape Town / New York)


Nov. 30 - James Baillie Fraser. An Outsider Artist in 19th-Century India? Ben Cartwright, Collections Curator, SADACC, Norwich


Dec. 7 - Liquidation/Reformation: the Fate of Metalwork in Swiss Cantons, 1528-1530. Dr. Allie Stielau, Dept. of History of Art, UCL


Dec. 14 - A History of Detail. Prof. Briony Fer, Dept. of History of Art, UCL



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