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Japanese Dolls by Hatsuko Ohno

Exhibition of Japanese Dolls by Hatsuko Ohno

Wednesday 14 November 6pm

A chance to hear a special lecture from Mika Mori, daughter of doll-maker Hatsuko Ohno, on the meaning and importance of traditional doll-making in Japan.

This talk accompanies a rare exhibition of Ohno's dolls at the Assembly House from Tuesday 13 to Friday 16 November. While in the West dolls are often considered children's playthings, historically, Japan has produced them as works of art. Ohno's work demonstrates great technical precision and artistic sensitivitiy, with each doll displaying warmth and humour.

The exhibition will also feature ikebana (flower arrangement) installations, transforming the room to create a unique visual experience.

Location: Assembly House, Theatre Street, Norwich NR2 1RQ

Price: Free Booking: essential – email or call 01603 597507

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