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Ackroyd and Harvey Stranded

Ackroyd and Harvey Stranded and Beuys' Acorns

9th Mar 2013 - 31st Jul 2013

New exhibition of works by the artists Heather Ackroyd and Dan Harvey.


Stranded is a six metre long crystal-encrusted skeleton of a minke whale. Recovered from the coast of Skegness, Lincolnshire, the skeleton was cleaned and then immersed in a highly saturated alum solution, encrusting the skeleton with a chemical growth of ice-like crystals.

"Stranded" raises issues of the dramatic changes in the chemistry of the planet's oceans and brings awareness to the threat of coral reefs and the marine food cycles. It was commissioned for Cape Farewell's international touring exhibition created in partnership with the Natural History Museum in 2006 which sought to deepen understanding of climate change through contemporary art.

Beuys' Acorns

In 2007 artists Ackroyd & Harvey gathered and germinated hundreds of acorns from Joseph Beuys' artwork 7000 Oaks.

Beuys' seminal artwork, "7000 Oaks" took place in Kassel, Germany. The 250 surviving saplings make up "Beuys' Acorns", an on-going project dedicated to nurturing the plants in tandem with a series of public conversations.

The growing trees, displayed in the Sculpture Garden, act as a catalyst for discussion about humankind's relationship with nature and growing concerns about environmental change.

No Horizon

9th Mar 2013 - 30th Jun 2013

No Horizon is part of Changing Landscapes, a new kind of exhibition which combines art collections and contemporary artist commissions with creative programmes and research spaces.

Changing Landscapes combines rarely displayed works of art from the Sainsbury Centre collections together with stimulating new projects and commissions by visiting artists and academics, showing a whole variety of current thinking about landscape and environmental issues.

There are also art-making areas where you can contribute to the display, and a library and resource area available for study or group discussions.

Admission is free.

This exhibition is part of a new EU Interegrated funded project, which is a collaboration until 2015 between the Sainsbury Centre, Fabrica art gallery in Brighton and three institutions in the Pas de Calais and Normandy in northern France.

If you would like to get involved with Changing Landscapes, contact the Sainsbury Centre education team on 01603 593726.


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