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Abstraction and the Art of John Golding exhibition

Abstraction and the Art of John Golding

14 February - 27 September 2015

Showcasing the diversity and variety of modes of abstraction, the exhibition explores key elements of natural, geometric and lyrical abstraction alongside associated movements including Cubism, Vorticism, Orphism, Purism, De Stijl, Suprematism, The Bauhaus, and Minimalism.

Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts - Admission FREE

Abstract art was a great invention of the twentieth century. Abstraction and the Art of John Golding is an exhibition in two parts; first, it surveys the origins and full development of abstract art at the beginning of the century, and then displays a selection of works of the artist John Golding following the gift of the artist's works to the Sainsbury Centre in 2014.

As painter, teacher and scholar, John Golding held a lifelong fascination with the origins and evolution of abstraction. His seminal text 'Cubism: A History and an Analysis' 1907-1914 was published in 1959.Golding's personal journey as a painter progressed through figuration into abstraction, culminating in emotively-charged and predominantly large-scale canvases imbued with colour, energy and a renewed sense of painterly freedom.

His works are meditations on human experience relating to the body, landscape, light and the elements. Intellectually and artistically, John Golding has made a significant and influential contribution to our understanding of the history of abstract art in the twentieth century.


A Path to the Absolute

A Documentary about John Golding by Bruno Wollheim

An extended version of the documentary can be viewed at the exhibition.


Sonia Delaunay. 

Project for a cover for Vogue. France. 1916.

Gouache and pencil on paper. h. 34.5 x w. 23.3 cm.

UEA 31174. © L & M Services B.V. Amsterdam


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